April 15, 2024

Being afflicted with acne has been associated with teenagers for decades. It is common perception that it only affects adolescents, teens and maybe as old as college aged, but not older. This cause people to think that acne was a hormonal problem, and once one outgrew the “bad” hormones, you would also outgrow the acne problem.As we’ve learned more about acne, it’s causes and effects, we know that this is only partially true. Acne is indeed influenced by hormones, and hormone levels, but not in a way that was previously expected. Hormones can and do promote oil secretion, which turn can clog pores and cause a outbreak. But it’s wrong in several ways. First, this hormonal effect is only one of the causes of a problem, but it can contribute to other factors throughout your entire life. And second, normal adults have hormonal fluctuation all the time, due to life events such as pregnancy, stress, eating habits, or other things. Because of this, having acne as an adult is not uncommon nor totally unexpected.As an adult, your acne outbreaks can be caused by one or many factors. Finding and treating or eliminating these factors is important to solving the problem. Finding the root cause, and treating your skin, and yourself, properly can not only save you from useless (and often expensive) treatments, but will have a better, longer lasting result.Adults can react similar to teenagers when it comes to an outbreak, and this is totally natural. Teens are usually affected by a desire not to be seen, or a lowering of self-esteem, or a reluctance to make their condition known. Adults are no different. This kind of feeling is normal, but it should be understood that rarely is an outbreak anything to be ashamed of, or the result of anything you’ve done.Until recently, having acne as an adult was considered a fairly rare occurrence. This probably has several reasons, such as adults visiting the doctor less often, or adults having the ability and desire to treat it themselves by using home care products. It’s becoming clear, though the volume of sales of these kind of products, that adult acne isn’t uncommon at all.In some ways, acne as an adult is worse, as your skin is less flexible, and less likely to return to form once an outbreak is over. Any scarring received as an adult is more difficult to overcome, and any prolonged outbreaks can cause skin damage that will remain. Because of this, it is even more important that, as an adult, you see proper treatment or otherwise attempt to solve your issues. As a teenager, you had the hope that you’d outgrow it, but as an adult, you should hold out for no such hope. Taking action is what’s needed, not waiting and hoping.As an adult with acne, taking action has several powerful benefits. Not only are you working towards having clearer skin, but you are also taking affirmative steps to improve your life. In many ways, the steps are as important as the end result, as the way you feel about yourself will change along the way.