May 23, 2024

One of the best things about going to Disneyland is that it is not just a place for kids. Adults and children alike can find plenty of things to do that will not only keep them busy while on vacation, but will entertain them as well. There are plenty of activities for adults to participate in while at Disneyland, but what you choose to do is going to depend on what you enjoy doing. Believe me when I say there is something for everyone in the magical world of Disneyland.One thing that you can do is go to the salon in Fantasyland with your daughter and watch while she is treated like a princess. Watching your daughter be transformed into one of her favorite Disney princesses is a great way to spend time at Disneyland. Not only can you watch her get her hair and makeup done in the same style as the Disney princesses, you can also buy her the Disney princesses dress up costumes that are for sale in the main area of the shop. Even though this looks like fun it is not for adult princesses nor does the store sell adult princess costumes. Disneyland doesn’t allow adult princesses or sell adult princess costumes because adults are not allowed to wear adult princess costumes or any other costume inside of Disneyland for fear that children will confuse them with the real Disney princesses that are greeting guests throughout the park.Downtown Disney is a very unique experience for adults because of all of the different shops and restaurants that they have to offer. Sephora is a great place for adult princesses to visit because you can find everything you need to transform yourself into the princess you are. Basin is also another great store for adult princesses to visit because of all of the natural bath and beauty supplies that they carry. If shopping isn’t for you there are plenty of restaurant, such as the Rainforest Café, that you can dine in for a unique experience.Parades are a big part of Disneyland and every adult loves to watch the parades. Luckily Disneyland has a variety of parades to choose from, so while there will be something for everyone most people simply can’t resist the parades. The main parade with all of the characters takes place a few times throughout the day. At night you can watch Fantasmic or the Magical Fireworks show, depending on what is going on that day.Luckily, there is enough for adults to do at Disneyland that they won’t even care that they can’t wear adult princess costumes. Even though you can’t wear adult princess costumes to the park that doesn’t mean you can’t still buy them, you just can’t buy them inside of the park.